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Highlights of May: RHS Chelsea Flower Show & Garden Project update

Highlights of May: RHS Chelsea Flower Show & Garden Project update

This month has been a whirlwind of excitement and transformation in our garden, fuelled by brilliant sunshine and the much-anticipated arrival of new turf. Plus, we had the incredible opportunity to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where we gathered endless inspiration and met some amazing suppliers. Dive in to see the progress on our garden project and catch all the highlights from the flower show extravaganza!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We were beyond thrilled to receive an invitation to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most prestigious RHS events of the year and a sold-out extravaganza! The buzz was real, and not even a bit of rain could dampen our excitement.

As we entered the show early in the morning, the atmosphere was electric. Stalls were bustling with activity, showcasing incredible products. We caught up with some of our favourite suppliers, including the amazing Willsow. We all know them for their brilliant plantable children's books and they introduced us to their new innovative plantable calendar, which we'll be stocking for 2025.

Our next stop was Jardinopia, where we fell in love with their adorable pothangers, felt pots, and stunning birdhouses. Seeing their products up close was a treat, and we can’t wait to expand our selection. Their cane decorations were larger and more charming than we imagined—they’ll be a fantastic addition to our shop soon!

Burgon & Ball were buzzing with activity, restocking their shelves even in the early hours. Their RHS Chelsea Flower Show engraved perennial spades were a standout—simply love them!

The show was a visual feast, with stunning stands and showcases everywhere. The pavilion was a floral wonderland, featuring everything from Fuchsia carousels to stunning Delphiniums. The highlight for me was the carnivorous plant display, complete with giant dinosaur statues—truly mesmerizing.

The outdoor areas were equally captivating, filled with beautiful plant displays and garden ornaments of all sizes. 

There was a fantastic array of plants for sale, and you could easily spot fellow enthusiasts on the underground, plants peeking out of crates and bags all around.

Despite a bit of rain, the show was a spectacular success. We left inspired and eager to bring some of that magic back to our own garden!

Continuation of the Garden Project

We've been basking in glorious weather lately, and just as the sun decided to stay, we got the thrilling news: it was time for the turf to be laid! Excited doesn't even begin to cover it. When the team rolled in with their digger and rakes, it felt like a dream come true. They swiftly removed the overgrown top layer, revealing the true expanse of our garden. Flattened, raked, and looking pristine, it was a sight to behold!

We were lucky to have just one day of torrential rain and thunderstorms—it was quite a storm! But the next day, the sun returned, and the team was back at it, working diligently all day long. Coming home after a long day at work to see a fresh stretch of lush lawn was an absolute delight. After a quick dog walk, the transformation was complete!

Out came our trusty sled sprinkler, and we were off to a great start! Now, we have to let the garden settle for six weeks—easier said than done for an eager gardener like me! But I’ll find ways to sneak in a little garden time.

Next on our list is a call to Corseside Nursery, renowned for their stunning succulents and the Griselinia hedging we need. About 40 plants should do the trick! And let's not forget the joy of window shopping for garden furniture or, in my case, a new shed that’s tall enough to stand in comfortably!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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