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🌸 Spring Sale Alert! 🌼 10% off all orders! 🌱 Shop now!
Welcoming Spring: A Journey Through February's Garden Delights

Welcoming Spring: A Journey Through February's Garden Delights

As we eagerly await the bloom of early spring, our journey this February took us to the heart of inspiration at Springfair. This month, we're thrilled to share the fruits of our adventure - an exclusive sneak peek into the latest gardening tool sets. Plus, don't miss our special pick of the month.

A Buzzing Start at Springfair

February may have been wrapped in winter's chill, but our spirits were anything but cold. The team at Gardening Gifts Co. transformed into busy bees, buzzing through the Springfair at the NEC in Birmingham. With over a 1,000 exhibitors and approximately 30,000 visitors, our enthusiasm was unwavering. Our adventure began with joyful reunions with beloved suppliers and exciting introductions to potential new ones. Those who follow us on Instagram might have caught glimpses of some of the golden nuggets that caught our eye.

Our two-day exploration was followed by days, if not weeks, of sifting through a treasure trove of catalogues and brochures, a task we're still navigating. Amidst this delightful chaos, a standout request from you, our dear followers, was clear – garden gnomes. Yes, the charming sentinels of the garden are making a grand return, and we're here for it. Keep an eye on our Instagram for sneak peeks of our first gnome arrivals next week.

Embracing the Chill with Garden Dreams

Despite the Spring fair's warmth, the chill of the south west Wales "spring" weather was a brisk reminder of the season's reality. Yet, the promise of sunny days has us dreaming of garden escapades. With new gardening tools in the horizon, including the eagerly anticipated "Asteraceae – set" from Burgon & Ball, and the beloved heart-shaped gardening trowel, the excitement is palpable. These tools aren't just functional; they're a testament to love, care, and the joy of gardening. Click here for more details.

Burgon and Ball New Garden Tool Set - Asteraceae

Item of the month: Seed tins

With the garden still in winter's grasp, it's the perfect time to embrace the warmth of your windowsill for starting seeds. This year, the spotlight falls on our collection of seed tins. Moving beyond the charming yet familiar Quality Street tubs or cookie tins, this year felt different. Bringing out my own beautifully gifted seed tin, I was enveloped in a sense of elegance and organization. It's more than just a container; it's a symbol of the anticipation and planning that heralds the coming growing season. Click here to view product.

Leather handled seed packet storage tin

As we wrap up February, the promise of spring's warmth is on the horizon. Stay warm and let the anticipation of sunnier, garden-filled days fuel your gardening dreams. 

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