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Plantable Children's Books by Willsow - Complete Set

by Willsow
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Dive into an enchanting world of learning and growing with our complete collection of Willsow's plantable children's books. This book set not only sparks the imagination with its engaging stories but also turns each page into a gardening adventure, as the books can be planted to grow real plants. Perfect for nurturing young minds and green thumbs alike, this collection promises to make reading and gardening a magical experience for children.

Shaun the Sheep, BAA-GHERITA PIZZA

Introduce children to the vibrant world of Shaun the Sheep with 'Baa-Gherita Pizza', a charmingly illustrated book that doubles as a garden! Featuring wildflower seed paper, your little ones can enjoy a captivating story and watch their garden flourish afterwards. Create fun memories and beautiful blooms with this exciting book.

The Parsley Who Flew To The Rescue

Discover The Parsley Who Flew to the Rescue, a unique and inspiring plantable children's book. Follow Parsley's thrilling adventure and grow your own using the real Parsley seeds embedded in the paper. Spark wonderful memories, laughter, and a love of nature with your little ones!

The Lettuce Who Wanted a New Look

Learn a valuable lesson with The Lettuce, who wanted a new look! Letty's friends help her to love her own unique leaves - and you can have fun growing your own lettuce with real seeds printed right on the pages. Delight your youngster with this fun and engaging story!

The Dill Who Foiled The Soil Snatchers

Bring your child's imagination to life with The Dill Who Foiled The Soil Snatchers - Plantable Children's Book! This exciting story follows Dill, part of an intrepid crime-fighting trio, as they battle dastardly onions and save the town's soil. Complete with real dill seeds embedded in the pages; this book offers a unique way to enjoy story time and create green memories with your child!

The Carrot Who Was Too Big For His Bed

Introduce your little one to the exciting adventures of The Carrot, who was too big for his bed! This unique Plantable Children's Book is printed on paper embedded with real carrot seeds, making it a fun way to encourage a love of nature and reading. With each turn of the page, you can explore the big wide world and watch carrots grow together!

The Basil Who Built Bridges

Introduce your youngster to the exciting adventures of Basil the brave hero! With this Plantable Children's Book, they can read about his intrepid deeds and then plant the paper when they're done to watch basil grow from the seeds inside. Epic fun that will bring smiles and endless joy!